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How many Exhibitors attend?

Each Luxury Connect Event is limited to 12 exhibitors which could be Hotels, DMC's & Onsites or destinations (e.g Visit Britain)


How long are meetings?

Meetings are 12 minutes but they are not set, if an advisor wants to stay longer they can. To maximise your time, we suggest for a longer appointment you schedule a time the following time with the agent so that you don't miss out on the other agents on the platform.


How many people will be at my table?

Each table will have 3 chairs, meaning you can have 1-3 advisors at you table at a time.


How are Advisors assigned?

When advisors enter the event floor, they are randomly assigned a table. After each event, they move from table to table just by clicking on the table of choice


Do advisors move automatically?

No, advisors will leave each table when they are ready.

How many Travel Advisors attend each event?

There will be a minimum of 30 agents at each event.


How long is each event?

Each event will run for 2.5hrs but we will leave the floor open for an extra 30 minutes at the end of each event in case advisors have missed you and really want to connect.


Can I Reserve more than 3 Events?

Absolutely, email the team with the events you would like to attend and they will let you know availability and cost.

How do I pay for the events I have chosen?

When you have chosen your events and submitted the request, we will send you an invoice for your chosen events.


If I cannot attend an event, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. If you have to cancel, we will do our best to accommodate you on another event date. We are super flexible.

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